Fatrasta is an immense continent to the West of the Nine. It was once part of the Dynize Empire. It is home to thousands of tribal societies scattered across the biggest unexplored wilderness remaining in the world. It is also home to a nation of the same name—an independent country formed by Kressian immigrants on the southeast edge of the continent.

The capital of the Fatrastan nation is Landfall, which rivals New Pyre in size and export volume. Fatrasta is ruled by Lady Chancellor Lindet and is populated by races from every continent in the world (with the possible exception of Dynize).

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History[edit | edit source]

Fatrasta was once part of the vast Dynize Empire. Only oral history and a few written records exist from that time period, but it seems that a Fatrastan Empire remained for several hundred years after the withdrawal of the Dynize.This empire eventually gave way to civil wars and a series of terrible plagues that destroyed much of the population. Communication lines disappeared and technology was lost, and the people broke into hundreds of tribes, each of which created their own unique—but often similar—culture over the course of the next thousand years.

Fatrasta was discovered about seven hundred years ago by Rosvelean explorers. It was originally thought to be part of Brudanian-Fatra and only later discovered to be a wholly separate—and much larger—landmass.

While Fatrasta has been the target of Kressian colonial aggression since its discovery, it was not subjugated with nearly as much ferocity as Gurla or Brudanian-Fatra. Some scholars claim that this is because of the continent’s dense swamps and jungles, while others point to the forbidding Ironhook Mountains that protect the route into the interior.

Regardless of the reason, most of the continent remains untamed and even unexplored to this day, while the southeastern edge of the continent has been heavily settled and provides the nation of Fatrasta with immense exports from farms, plantations, and mines.

The nation itself is a recent creation. The continent was divided into a number of colonial holdings that were, over time, consolidated under Kez rule. The Kez governed Fatrasta with a heavy hand, stirring a rebellion led by a young provincial governor named Lindet. The rebellion gained ground until it grew into a full-blown war that taxed Kez resources to a stalemate and eventual loss, giving birth to the nation of Fatrasta under the leadership of Lady Chancellor Lindet.

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