Kez is one of the Nine Nations, located to the south of Adro. Its inhabitants are referred to as the Kez. Its ruler at the time of Tamas' coup was King Ipille II.

Government[edit | edit source]

Kez is an absolute monarchy ruled by Ipille II who is often considered a tyrant. Like the rest of the nine, the Kez possess a Royal Cabal which is the largest one and also act as the military leaders. The people are little more than serfs and peasants

Military[edit | edit source]

The military consisted of many regular soldiers of the Grand Army, Their uniforms are a sandy colour with Green Cuffs, They also had sappers, Wardens, and the Royal Cabal, The Kez had no navy worth speaking of as said by Tamas with the exception of one Galley which was present at the meet up between the Council and Duke Nikslaus.

Alongside their infantry, the Kez is also known to have Cavalry detachments in the form of Dragoons and Cuirassiers.

Compared to Ardo's military, the Kez are far more numerous. Though they are also inferior in terms of training, weapons, and industrialization. Also unlike Ardo, the Kez military is run by nepotism and often times leaders are noblemen. As a result, their army tends to be poorly led and with low moral. 

Due to lack of industrialization, rifles and other weapons are in short supply. During the Adro-Kez war, in some battles, only one of every five Kez soldiers carries a gun. 

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