A Knack is the weakest acknowledged form of magical ability a person can possess. It manifests as a single minor ability, typically something that enhances a trait that its bearer already has. Knacks are depicted as passive abilities, and do not need to be actively called upon or trained like the abilities of powder mages and Privileged.

Because of their highly-individualistic nature it seems that Knacks are often, if not always, unique to the bearer. To date no two people have been depicted as having the same Knack.

The random and dubiously-useful nature of Knacks means that their bearers typically do not enjoy elevated status in the Nine. There are large exceptions to this, and people with particularly useful Knacks are often quickly recruited by their respective country's power structures, so their Knacks can be used in commercially or militarily-beneficial ways.

List of known Knacks[edit | edit source]

Name Knack
Olem Requires no sleep
Adamat Has perfect memory
Unnamed Pair of Twins Could telepathically communicate
Unnamed Police Officer Can tell when someone is lying
Ben Styke Can smell magic
Deliv Noble Enhanced Smell
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