Lady Winceslav was an Adran noblewoman and the head of the Wings of Adom mercenary company.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

At the time of Tamas' coup, she was a woman of about fifty years with high cheekbones and a slim waist.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The youngest daughter of a Adran merchant, she met Henri Winceslav, a soldier of fortune and the founder of the Wings of Adom, in Gurla. He had purchased his title from the childless Duke Winceslav in secrecy. They married and had four children. In the following years she became an important figure in the management of the mercenary company, with Lord Winceslav relying more and more on her advise. She took over control of the Wings after the death of her husband, about five years before Tamas' coup.

When she learned that the Accords with Kez included a provision to outlaw the Wings of Adom, she became one of Field Marshal Tamas' co-conspirators for the coup against King Manhouch XII. She carefully pulled her troops back from other postings and returned them to Adopest.

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