Manhouch XII was the last king of Adro, and the son of Manhouch XI, the Iron King.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Manhouch XII was the son of Manhouch XI, a brutal and paranoid ruler. He knew Field Marshall Tamas at the age of six or seven and learned how to shoot from him.

Promise of Blood[edit | edit source]

Laterm after ascending to the throne, he would be surrounded by nobles and foolish advisors who did a poor job in running the country. Coupled by his extravagant spendings and debauched behaviors, Adro would end up in massive debt to its neighbors and cause widespread unhappiness amongst the population.

To pay off the debts, Manhouch planned to sign the Accords, a treaty that would turn Adro into little more than a Kez vassal.

He was overthrown by Field Marshal Tamas to keep him from signing accords with Kez. During the coup, he, his wife and the Palace's Diocel would hide in the chapel within the Palace, though Tamas's soldiers easily entered. Manhouch attempted to shoot Tamas with a pistol, though with his Powdermage abilities, he was able to stop it and arrest the king.

The next day at noon, Manhouch, his wife and the other nobles with their eldest sons were prepared to be executed by guillotine . He attempted to make a speech to the assembled crowds, though it was drowned out. After refusing to move, he was knocked unconscious by the executioner and beheaded.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Due to being surrounded by foolish advisors, Manhouch had never gained the proper skills to be a king. He often neglected his duties and spent more time with his mistresses or squandering tax money for his personal enjoyment. As a result, he remained oblivious to the growing problems and the discontent of the people. He appeared to be rather immature and often had temper tantrums that involved breaking windows.

By the time of the coup he was quite distraught about the situation, insanely declaring himself God's chosen and attempting to kill Tamas, a foolish move given that his powers were easily able to stop the bullet from his gun. (A fact he knew and using the bullet that was meant to prevent him from getting captured.)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Due to his Cabal's sorceries, Manhouch looked more like a seventeen-year-old rather than a man in his thirties.

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