A powder mage or "Marked One" is an individual who possesses the magical ability to consume and control gunpowder. They are able to open up their third eyes and perceive the Else, but they are not able to harness it. In terms of raw power, this puts powder mages somewhere above Knacked individuals, yet still below the Privileged.

Powder mages are able to sense the presence and location of nearby gunpowder, and can ignite it by will alone. Once ignited, powder mages are also able to control the direction and shape of a gunpowder blast. They typically use this ability to assist the distance & accuracy of their own bullets, but can also use it to other ends.

When a powder mage consumes gunpowder they gain enhanced strength, speed, and senses for a limited amount of time, a state known as a "Powder Trance". The effect of gun powder also increases their healing abilities. As such, a powder mage in a powder trance is very difficult to take down. Trained powder mages are discouraged from relying on these abilities, as too much gunpowder will apparently induce Powder Blindness.

Since their discovery, powder mages have quickly grown in prominence throughout the Nine. In Adro, powder mages have been embraced by the military and are used as elite sniper cells, deployed during wartime to kill high-value targets such as officers and Privileged. However, Adro seems to be the exception to the rule, as most other countries in the Nine seem to treat powder mages with contempt or even open-hostility.

Though all powder mages share the same basic abilities their strength in each ability tends to vary. Vlora Flint is renowned for her ability to sense and detonate gunpowder at much greater distances than her peers, and Field Marshal Tamas seems to gain greater-than-average strength and speed when consuming gunpowder.

Powder mages tend to avoid the mineral gold at all costs, because if their blood comes into contact with it, it will neutralize their powder imbued abilities as long as the gold remains in contact with their blood. A Kez way of permanently removing a Marked One's powers without killing them is to implant a gold star into a Marked One's body in such a place that it will constantly rip open their flesh and never fully heal.

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