The Privileged were among the most powerful magic users in the Nine Nations.

They could be considered the most "traditional" magic users in the world, able to manipulate the five elements and thus, possessing abilities like wielding fireballs, throwing boulders, causing massive storms and shooting lightening from their fingertips. Privileged draw their power from the Else directly with their right hand, then with their left hand manipulate it into whatever form they wish to. In order to do this they wear specially designed gloves in a vast multitude of colors and fabrics and are considered examples of status among their kind. (Unsurprisingly, an effective way of removing a Privileged's power is to simply remove his hands.)

The Privileged have been used by the rulers of the Nine to keep their populations in check since the time of Kresimir. Every nation possessed its own Royal Cabal, consisting of the most powerful Privileged.

Mage-Breakers: There exists a splinter group of the Privileged called mage breakers, individuals with the ability to inhibit connections to the Else within a certain range around them ultimately rending magic users defenseless. These individuals are usually disgruntled privileged who were too weak to be admitted into a cabal and thusly sacrifice their powers for the ability to take away the strength of those who spurned them. The range of the nullification ability depends entirely on the amount of power sacrificed.

Random Stuff

It is said that most Privileged are allergic to the powder that powder mages use.

Healers are a rarity among Privileged.

"Each of a Privileged's fingers is attached to one of the elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and Aether." as stated by Uskan.

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