Sins of Empire
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Brian McClellan

Publication date

7 March 2017





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The Autumn Republic

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Wrath of Empire

Sins of Empire is the first book of Gods of Blood and Powder, the second trilogy of books set in the Powder Mage universe. Written by Brian McClellan, it was first published in March 2017.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Ten years after the Kez-Adran War, General Vlora Flint, now head of the renowned Riflejack Mercenary Company, finds herself hired by the government of the independent colony of Fatrasta. Her mission is to find a dangerous insurgent leader named Mama Palo.

Benjamin "Mad Ben" Styke, former hero of the Fatrastan Revolution and convicted traitor, is released from prison after ten years thanks to the machinations of a mysterious benefactor, who asks him to get into General Flint's good graces and keep an eye on her.

Meanwhile, Agent Michel Brevis of the Blackhats, the Fatrastan government's secret police, is given orders to investigate the origin of a widely circulated political pamphlet titled "Sins of Empire".

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Characters[edit | edit source]

Michel BrevisCherin-tesIbana ja FlesVlora FlintJanen IFidelis JesKa-PoelKa-sedialKresimirLindetMama PaloMeln-DunOlemBen StykeTamasGregious TampoTaniel Two-ShotVallencian

Locations[edit | edit source]

AdroDalinportDynize EmpireEbony CoastFatrastaFort NiedGreenfire DepthsJedwarLandfallLoel's FortLittle Starlandthe NineTristan Basin

Other[edit | edit source]

Blackhatsbone-eyedragonmanGodsgodstoneKnackKressiansMad LancersPaloBattle of Planthpowder magesPrivilegedRiflejack Mercenary Company

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