Vlora Flint is a powder mage and co-owner of the Riflejack Mercenary Company. She had previously served as a captain, colonel, and then general in the Adran army.

She was engaged to marry Taniel Two-Shot before the engagement was called off, due to Vlora being seduced and cheating with another man; an orchestrated plan by Nikslaus to sow discord within Field Marshal Tamas' powder cabal.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Vlora is a beautiful woman with dark hair. Tamas describes her as a classic beauty with a small chest.

Biography[edit | edit source]

She was an orphan living in the streets of Adopest when Tamas and Taniel found her as a child. Tamas took her in and proceeded to train her as a powder mage.

Over time, she and Taniel became lovers and eventually got engaged to be married. However, Taniel went to Fatrasta and took part in the local war for independence against the Kez, while Vlora remained back in Adro. Getting word of her fiancé's great deeds and hearing rumors that countless women fawned over him, she began to feel deeply lonely. Then, a young nobleman began to court her and they eventually began an affair. She was in bed with her lover the day Taniel returned from his campaign and caught them in the act. He called off their engagement on the spot and left in a rage.

Her actions led to a deep rift between Vlora and Tamas, her surrogate father and superior officer.

Following the coup against Manhouch XII and the outbreak of the war with Kez, she was sent out to track down a traitorous guard captain.

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