Westeven was a prominent General in Adran who served in the army before Tamas's coup.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He was the former captain of the Heilmen and retired general. He was close to eighty at the time of Field Marshal Tamas' coup, though still intelligent. He is considered to be one of the best officers in Adran, only being rivaled by Tamas himself.

The Promise of Blood[edit | edit source]

He was living in Adom during Tamas's coup, though he was supposed to have been in Novi for a holiday. Westeven arrived back in Adophest early and rallied the surviving soldiers, nobles, and civilians still loyal to the crown in the city center after Manhouch's execution.  The General barricaded himself and his forces in Centershire. Westeven had roughly twenty thousand people along with the armory and grain stores under his control in the city.

Tamas would besiege his position shortly after. During the battle, he and Tamas would attempt to engage in negotiations. Westeven pleaded with Tamas to surrender himself to the nobles, an offer that he refused. During the negotiations, a skirmish broke out and Westhaven was injured by cannon and had his arm blown off.

He would die of his injuries shortly afterwards and Tamas and his men would storm the barricades. After securing the city, Tamas would visit Westhaven's body and express his sadness over his death and bury him in the cemetery of the Wings of Adro.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Westhaven was considered a brilliant General and one of the few who could stand toe to toe against Field Marshall Tamas. He was fiercely loyal to the crown and continued to defy Tamas even after King Manhouch was executed and proteted any surviving noble

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